product development, inventions, industrial design -
Providing Industrial Design, Product Development, Consulting, and Invention Support
Progressive development of original ideas and concepts.

25 years of experience in industrial Design and Prototyping.

Communicating ideas through drawings for more than 30 years.

Extensive experience in many areas of product development including:

- Medical Devices
- Automotive Components
- Military Equipment
- Athletic and Sporting Equipment
- Industrial Mechanisms
- Outdoor Recreation Equipment
- Childhood Products & Toys
- Manufacturing Fixtures
The focus at inVendt llc is to design and develop unique, innovative products that will yield a positive impact on our world. Progressive development and industrial design principals are applied to original ideas and concepts, resulting in viable products and inventions ready for manufacturing. Two decades as an industrial designer and model maker, creating new products, prototypes and mechanisms, enables inVendt llc to offer industrial design, product development, consulting and inventor support to organizations and individuals, whether commercial, private, government or missionary.
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