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Progressive Development, what is it ?

Years of experience in many areas of product development have yielded our process of Progressive Development. Simply put, it is a method of laying out the design process that promotes innovation in the development of new products. Progressive Development creates opportunities within the industrial design process which allows improvements prior to the final outcome of the product in question. The following is a general outline of a potential project scenario.


1. Identify and define project
     a. Describe use & purpose of concept
     b. List parameters of desired product
2. Project Management
     a. Schedule & Planning
     b. Coordinate Vendors
     c. Material Acquisition
3. Investigation & Exploration
     a. Prior Art Search
     b. Human Factors Parameters
     c. Material investigation
4. Conceptual Design
     a. Brainstorming / Ideation
     b. Mock-ups / Patterns
     c. Ergonomic Investigation
     d. Concept Refinement
5. Design Solidification
     a. Conceptual Design Evaluation
     b. CAD Modeling
     c. Prototyping
     d. Field Testing
6. Refinement for Manufacturing
     a. Evaluation of Design Modifications
     b. Adjustments to CAD Data Files
     c. Re-evaluate CAD files for manufacturing          release

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